Our company is a full-service provider in goods of all kind, especially in the whole sale energy sectors and oil marketing.
It is a global firm of professionals who also operates in collaboration with government and private worlds leading oil traders and refineries.

Edro International acts as an intermediary in the wholesale business and supports the trading activities of its customers, can acquire, exploit, manage and sell securities and protective rights of all kinds as well as real estate and participate in other companies.

Edro International was founded in 2011. Based in Europe, we operate globally and capitalize also on the combined experience of our industry-leading partners to maximize the value of the Company assets through obtaining competitive market prices.


EDRO offers a complete range of services from trading in the spot markets to offering long term supply contracts to end-users.

EDRO as an Inter-dealer broker facilitate and execute trades on behalf of institutional clients in the global market. Our industry experts have several decades of experience in their sector.

We work together through shared ownership, responsibilities and outcomes.


Our Vision & Values

Edro’s vision is to be the trusted steward in global energy. Guided by our values, we lead the way to deliver the best products and services to optimize the refining sector in a way that increases profit margin while preserving the environment. We achieve this by creating a collaborative platform that unites and engages leading industry experts and oil companies across the globe to deliver results.

Our values reflect our purpose, our priorities, and the beliefs that guide our business conduct at Edro International.

High performance
We are passionate about delivering results and superior returns to our stakeholders.

Diversity and inclusion
We have an inclusive work environment that respects the cultures in which we operate. We welcome diverse backgrounds and experiences to foster innovation.

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Edro International
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